Rethinking Anarchism

A Hissing Sound?
November 5, 2008, 7:07 am
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Barack Obama has won the presidency. I was on the streets with Somalis, white liberals, and anarchists as McCain delivered his concession speech. The mood was jubilant. The cops showed up and everyone quieted down.

The big question is- what now? Obama was elected with a progressive mandate. We will now see if his presidency lives up to the hopes he inflated to put himself in the White House. If he goes back on his promises to the electorate, will the people oppose him?

The first hundred days of Obama’s presidency will tell us a great deal about the next four years. Will progressive change encounter roadblocks from entrenched corporate interests that we are too disorganized and weak to surmount? Will the momentum of an at least aesthetically progressive victory carry over into other spheres of society? Is this the beginning of something bigger, or a false start?

I will be listening closely for a giant hissing sound, the sound of deflating hopes.

Whether the hopes that carried Obama to the White House are buoyed or crushed, Anarchists must engage with those around us who are clearly looking for answers, and willing to fight. This is neither the beginning, nor the end. Let Obama’s victory be but a symptom of a broader resurgence in popular confidence to confront illegitimate authority and work together for a better world.


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So, do we defend Leon Blum against the fascists?

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