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Wobbly Baristas vs. Post-Left Anarchists
November 15, 2008, 8:15 am
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Baristas Present 500 Petition Signatures Demanding Improved Security at a Minneapolis Starbucks

Scroll down to the comment section- some Post Leftists have a problem with workers demanding a security guard. If the post-leftists anarchists ask for insurrection or nothing, they’re going to get nothing. The question is how to get from point A to point B.

And I doubt the answer to that question involves the crew change or butt flaps.


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Well, it wasn’t as if you didn’t expect this response, right? I think there’s a disconnect because a. those folks are pretty ideological and probably not connected with campaign-based organizing and b. they don’t understand the context of the situation.

I’m pretty excited about insurrections, but I think you need to build for them to be successful.

Comment by Brendan

I haven’t clicked the link cuz I’m pretty sure I know what the attacks will say and I don’t have any interest in dealing with those kind of people. They give anarchism a bad name as far as I’m concerned. We should start calling them some pejorative name – that’ll teach ’em! 🙂 I think generally the “what the fuck that’s not revolutionary” response expresses a reasonable concern about larger principles and the massive changes needed in society, but expresses that concern in an unproductive way. I think about this stuff a lot in terms of individual changes – there’s a transition from just sort of enduring your job or being an isolated dissatisfied individual to being someone who takes action with others about common concerns. That transition is important and the participation in the action is educational as well. I think a lot of so-called insurrectionary anarchists lack experience with this kind of stuff and that’s part of the disconnect for them (and the more vocal ones I’ve run into tend to be young-ish dudes, which I think is also a big part of the problem with that particular so-called political subculture).
take care,

Comment by Nate

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