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“What’s Left After Obama?”- Anarchist Analysis of the Election
November 16, 2008, 2:37 am
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This is one of the best analyses I have read so far about Obama and the election.

Interestingly, it’s by Simon Critchley, author of Infinitely Demanding: Ethics of Commitment, Politics of Resistance. His book was revied by Zizek here. And Critchley’s rejoinder here.

Maybe when I get some time I’ll write about this.


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Critchley’s response seems a bit off in its criticism of the Obama campaign. That complacency is “undoubtedly favoured by the Obama campaign itself” seems to be getting the wrong message from a speech in which Obama said “this is not the change we seek; it is only the chance to make that change.” I suppose I also have a different view, because, as an Obama organizer I was working with the staff members who literally said that this campaign was not only about getting Barack elected – Barack made it clear that he wanted people trained in community organizing in the process so that they could continue their work outside of the campaign.

Comment by Micah

Hi Micah,
In many ways, I hope you are right. I am dubious for two reasons- 1) because politicians lie in order to get in office, and 2) because there are forces at work in the obama campaign that are more powerful than the campaign itself. I don’t doubt the earnestness and dedication of staffers and volunteers on the Obama campaign, but I would like to know seriously what role the organization will play now that Obama has been elected, or maybe more specifically, what role it will be allowed to play.

Comment by rethinkinganarchism

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