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Crash Course on Anarchist Organizations
February 5, 2009, 6:19 am
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A friend and I are co-facilitating a class on Anarchist organizations. We’re hoping to figure out what an Anarchist organization should do. You can sign up for it here: Here’s the class description:

Anarchist Organization? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? Not necessarily. Anarchy, anarchist, and anarchism are contentious words.
Depending on who you ask, these can conjure up associations with punk rockers, hippies, window smashing masked protesters, presidential assassins from a century ago, general social disorder, and a number of other things. Aspects of these associations are warranted but all of them are vast oversimplifications of a complicated body of ideas, actions, groups, and movements with a very long history.
In this discussion group we will focus on contemporary anarchist organizations. We will read and discuss the principle public statements from groups such as WSA, WSM, NEFAC, IWA, FdCA, Solidarity Federation, and more from the alphabet soup of left libertarians. We will also read occasional older works that current groups take as key touchstones of anarchist ideas. If “anarchist” and “organization” sound to you like a contradiction in terms, come find out why some anarchists don’t think this is so. Anyone who is nice is welcome.
Our first meeting will be at 2pm Sunday January 18th at the Hard Times Café.
Visit the class website at for more information, or email to register!
Day 1: Introductions, Review Readings
Day 2: Love and Rage, A-Fed and Class War
Day 3: Anarcho-Syndicalism
Day 4: The International Workers Assocation, Part 1: WSA (ex-affiliate, no longer part of IWA)
Day 5: IWA, Part 2: CNT, SAC, Solidarity Federation
Day 6: Anarchist Communism and the Platform, Part 1- NEFAC, WSM
Day 7: Anarchist Communism and the Platform, Part 2- FdCA, Zabalaza
Day 8: Especifismo, Latin American Anarchism


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German Anarchists need help from United Anarchists urgently!

Dear Sisters and Brothers of United Anarchists!

We have reached a breaking point in Germany and we can break a wall. But we need any support by the whole Community of United Anarchists for that!

So I have opened a site just for that, You can get there by the main-page of

It isn´t a German affair only: Germany is the starting point only, and it is absolutely necessary that the whole world will see what is the power of United Anarchists!

The German SS-Satanists are writing again and again in Internt: “There are no Anarchists who atre fighting for the positions which Sobottka does declare! He is standing just alone and he is crazy only!”

Dear Sisters and Brothers, please use all Your means to spread my call for help, and please give Your own best: Only in true Community we are able to fight down the Devil and to open holy Gates on Earth for mankind, but in true Community we will get that both!

I love You!


Winfried, a speaker of German Anarchists in FRG and Austria and a member of United Anarchists.

Comment by belljangler

I really wish I was in the area, this class looks awesome, way more interesting than anything I take at my school.

Comment by A is for ...

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