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Student Syndicalism
June 16, 2009, 8:47 pm
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I think that students should build unions. They could fight for free education, better treatment, and more of a voice on campuses and in society. In most countries, there are student unions of some sort. Like ASSÉ in Quebec. They call massive strikes , usually involving aggressive direct actions, to fight off tuition increases. Often, student unions take action in solidarity with labor struggles.

We should have student unions in the United States. Maybe then workers wouldn’t end up with thousands and thousands of dollars of student debt, effectively tethering them to the workplace for the rest of their lives.

With the number of students in the organized anarchist movement, this seems like it could be a great initial project.


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Right on man! Some aspects of the new SDS, such as the Accessible Education campaign, have been flirtatious with the idea of student syndicalism — even with a few undergrad student unions being formed. What is so unfortunate in my mind, is that this sort of organizing is so restricted to certain geographical areas, often with long histories of union struggle and the normal alphabet soup of lefty psuedo-organizations hanging about. Where does that leave folks in rural or conservative areas? Or people who go to state schools — working class folks? We need to start talking to people who have never heard of this stuff before. If that can be done (which takes organizing — you are exactly right on with that every time) I think it has great potential!

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