Rethinking Anarchism


So this is my blog. I started it for personal and political reasons. Personally, I needed to find a way to make the hours I spend on the Internet at least seem more productive. Politically, I want to put some ideas in circulation about this world we live in. The combination of these two reasons led me to write this blustery manifesto for this blog:

The world is currently witnessing an epochal shift in the structure of capitalism. With the home foreclosure crisis, ensuing turmoil in the financial markets, and the rise of powerful movements against imperialism in Latin America and the Middle East, the United States has slipped into irreversible decline. The crisis of control has been paralleled by a crisis of ideology. The dominant ideas in economics and politics of the last three decades are falling out of favor. The ruling elite is grasping for new ideas to legitimize and guide their actions in the post-neoliberal world.

As the old strategies of domination and administration fall apart, new opportunities for liberation will arise. The time is ripe for the reconstruction of a revolutionary project in the capitalist core, and yet most of the Left languishes in irrelevance.

The crisis on the left is not new. Since September 11th, anticapitalists have been seeking to recapture the spirit of the heady days of the so-called antiglobalization movement. Known most widely for the 1999 “Battle in Seattle” protests against the World Trade Organization, the ‘movement of movements’ inspired millions across the world to believe that ‘another world is possible’. Within this ‘movement of movements,’ Anarchism was a leading ideology. Many radicals looked to Anarchism as the last tradition left ‘untainted’ by the errors of Marxism-Lenninism and ‘Really Existing Socialism.’ The ranks of the anticapitalist movement swelled beneath black flags.

As the antiglobalization movement that had put Anarchism back on the map faltered and faded, the prospects for Anarchism began to dim as well. One might say that the crisis of the global movements against capitalism has paralleled a crisis in Anarchism. Anarchists have thus far been unable to successfully transpose the exciting tactics and sense of possibility of the summit protests to the terrain of everyday social struggle, and have thus remained a peripheral threat to capital. Because of this failure, Anarchists have thus far sat on the sidelines as neoliberal capitalism has collapsed.

What to do in such a crisis? The answer is obvious. Start a blog. So that’s what I did.

This blog is dedicated to rethinking the revolutionary Anarchist project. I will seek to create new tools and analyze various projects in an effort to reignite the promise Anarchism once held as a theory of liberation. This blog will provide a selection of news, analysis, theory, musings on my life, and funny YouTube videos for this purpose.

So that’s it. I hope you enjoy the content.


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I really love this blog and have linked to it from mine: It’s new, and I hope to get more up to date info on it soon. Hope you link back to me as well.

Comment by A is for...

I’ma bout to update the revolution in the air website and a friend pointed out your mini-review. thanks for doing it, and do you mind if I post it in the review section of didn’t see an email address to write you so trying this way. let me know as you can, and also send me an email address so i can let you know when the site is updated. thanks and peace, max

Comment by Max Elbaum

Hey man,
I just found your blog and I love your ideals and your passion. I’m a strong anarcho-syndacist so I relate very well to the meaning behind some of these posts. But one problem that I find most in anarchist propaganda is that its geared towards those who already understand the Cause and are fighting for it. Unfortunately this great thing we call anarchism is extremely misunderstood and carries a lot of stigma in todays world.

I think your blog should carry more background and clarification on the Cause to attract those who are turned off by it out of misunderstanding.
I like your voice and your style and I think if presented properly, you have the potential to attract a lot of new followers out of ‘conversion’ for lack of a better term.

Anyway, love the blog. Shoot me an email if you’re ever interested in bouncing ideas off someone. I’d love to hear more.


Comment by Justin

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